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Laidler Academy is now accepting applications for Real Estate Agents to strengthen their business as the local area listing specialist. Follow the Step by Step Process that assisted Bill Laidler close over $550m volume in 7 years.. while reclaiming his evenings and weekends and building a retirement real estate investment portfolio. 

Earn listings, build systems and run your real estate career as a business!
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Business Accelerator

Stop buying internet leads! Laidler Academy is now accepting applications for training designed to provide agents with the step by step process to strengthen their skills as your local area listing specialist with a focus on servicing your past clients, personal contacts and professional network.

Learning from the top Coaches in North America Steve Powers, Gordon Watson and Cydney Fullen in partnership with Bill Laidler. Agents focus on reclaiming their time and growing their business. 
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We Respect Your Privacy & Information

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No one else can do it for you.
But we can show you the way.
Let's go.
No one else can do it for you.
But we can show you the way.
Let's go.

Imagine Your Life a Year From Now...

  • Without Missing Your Family & Friends on Evenings & Weekends
  • ​Without Sitting Bored at Another Unproductive Open House
  • ​Without Paying For 100s of Internet Leads Who Aren't Motivated
  • And With a Retirement Plan for the Future!
  • Without Missing Your Family & Friends on Evenings & Weekends
  • Without Sitting Bored at Another Unproductive Open House
  • ​Without Paying for 100s of Internet Leads Who Aren't Motivated
  • And With a Retirement Plan for the Future

Quit The Endless Grind...

It's Time To Evolve

What you can expect...

  • 40 Week Group Training Sessions
  • ​Learn from 4 of the Top Coaches in North America!
  • ​Mastermind Group for Accountability and Script Practice  
  • ​The Laidler Group Prospecting System
  • ​The 5 Step Listing Process with Pre-Listing Package
  • Valuing Property with Development Potential
  • ​Weekly Accountability and Recognition
  • ​End of Year Retreat

What will be expected of you...

  • Attendance to Weekly Group Training Sessions
  • ​​Master the Question Based Listing Presentation
  • ​​Service Your Database with Value
  • ​Delegate your Non Income Producing Tasks As Soon As Possible
  • ​​Grow Your and Your Families Positive Growth Mindset
  • ​Ready For Transformation and Coachability

Why work with Laidler Academy?

Learn from the Top Coaches in North America including Bill Laidler and his personal coach for 5 years.. Steve Powers.. Gordon Watson and Cydney Fullen. Steve led Bill to over $2M per year in commissions at the age of 28. Gordon runs a 30 agent team completing over 600 transactions per year, and Cydney has coached the top agents across North America as the VP of Coaching at the Mike Ferry Organization.

The Business Accelerator provides agents with Laidler Academy's Local Area Listing Specialist Blueprint - a step by step process to earn referrals from your past clients, personal contacts and professional network and master pricing property.

If you value:
• Consistent growth for your real estate business
• Accountability to your personal goals
• Reclaiming your time with proven systems
• Strengthening your mindset

This is the coaching program for you.

Hand-Crafted Curriculum

Laidler Academy's "Local Area Listing Specialist Blueprint"

When you apply to work with Laidler Academy, you’ll be provided the step by step process to achieve all your goals and more.

     1. Select Your Target Market 
     2. Focus on Referrals from Local Professionals
     3. Define Your Ideal Life in 7 Years
     4. Be Proactive in Your Business
     5. Provide More Solutions for Potential Clients
     6. Focus on Setting Listing Appointments
     7. Implement the 5 Step Listing Process
     8. And Under Promise and Over Deliver!


Meet Our Coaches....

Bill Laidler

As one of the Tri Cities top performing agents from 2012 - 2020, Bill earned over $2m per year at the age of 28, was the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver’s ‘Rookie of the Year and has helped agents earn over $300,000 in their first 18 months licensed.

In addition to Laidler Academy, Bill leads Laidler Development with over 500 multifamily units in development.

Cydney Fullen

Cydney has been in real estate for over 30 years, a coach for over a decade, serving in executive positions at some of the top businesses in the United States and she’s only getting started.

Cydney has extensive experience helping agents tighten their procedures, boost workflow, and increase profits.

Steve Powers

Steve Powers has completed over 80,000 coaching calls for clients worldwide, including serving as Bill’s personal coach for 5 years. Learn from a no-nonsense, profit-driven plan that emphasizes communication, discipline, and sales skills.

In 2018, Steve was the coach for 6 of the top 40 RE/MAX agents in the United States.

Gordon Watson

Gordon sold over 4,000 homes as an individual agent. Gordon teaches the mindset required to perform at a high level under stress. His calls focus on the overwhelm of growing a large business with A level service.

Now Gordon leads a team of 30 agents completing over 600 deals per year.

Here's How It Works...

Complete our application by answering a few questions about yourself..
Wait for a call where we'll share all the details..
Learn how to implement Laidler Academy's "Retirement Blueprint" in your life.

Accelerate Your Growth with Top Agents & Local Expertise

Laidler Academy Agents have stopped paying for internet leads.. Intensified their proactive real estate schedule.. And closed numerous referrals from their database in their first 90 days. 

Here are what Business Accelerator Agents are saying:

Bill is a firm believer that if you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

A Note From Bill...

To those who have what it takes I want to work personally with you in your business.

This coaching is for people who want to be the best version of themselves.

I’ve never done this before… and I may not personally coach ever again. So if you want to save yourself thousands of hours and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars… do NOT miss this opportunity.

The model I'm going to teach you is not only the most reliable AND also the most profitable. I have personally spent over $500k in personal development programs in the last 10 years and continue to invest into myself for our growth together.

Let's get started. No one can do it for you.